Are these books the original ones?

Sep 13, 2010
Hello everyone!!!
I was just planning to buy my first books. As advised by all I am going to buy Royal Road To Card Magic. I am planning to buy some other books along with it. I am posting the link of those books here.I just want if anyone have these books please compare with yours. Scroll down the page and at the bottom of page its details are shown such as publication, edition, no. of pages, etc. etc. Please compare them with the one you have and verify is these books are the right one about which everyone talks. I just wanted to be confident before buying that the books I m going to buy contains everything that it should contain. And here are the links :






So guys please check and reply as soon as possible!!!
Jan 5, 2010
Why would you get Card Control? It's a lot of advanced stuff not really suitable for the beginner. I would switch it out for "Close-Up Card Magic" by Harry Lorayne. AMAZING book, and all of the stuff can be done with a spectators shuffled borrowed deck.

You've got a lot of material there. Have fun :D

PS: Little difference in the Dover "Expert Card Technique" and mine (3rd Edition) is the 3rd edition has extra chapters by Dai Vernon and Doc Daley.
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