Are we truly able to put "exposure" in the bank?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by obrienmagic, May 18, 2017.

  1. Feel free to hear my thoughts on the matter. Would love to know what yall think about it! One popular excuse I hear too often is that it lowers your value to take gigs for free. In a way it can I guess if you are taking most or all of them that way, but I honestly feel like a well placed pro-bono gig has a ton of advantages if you are clever about it!
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  2. Now I am not a professional magician by any sense (however I am the grandson of one) but I agree with you that one big pro-bono event could essentially pay for itself. However doing lots of them gives you a watered down reputation.

    As my magician grandfather would say, "Never reveal the secret of the trick and never do anything for free."
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  3. I agree 100%
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  4. I've just recently got a great paying gig from a fundraiser I did a few months ago, I'm putting it in the bank! There are many event planners and rotary types that go to charity/fundraisers, it's worth it for sure. Good video! Make sure you don't just hand out information, exchange information.
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