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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PeterJackson, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm sure that some of you guys out there are who are into serious magic, yet love to keep things simple and work more on presentation, for which I think supersedes the importance of having a complicated tricks with many sleights.

    I'm not just starting out in magic but I enjoy and prefer performing magic tricks with little sleights and which are impromptu to just focus on my presentation. Its also just not my kind of a thing to bring gimmicks around to perform magic as I like performing magic on the go.

    I'm honestly quite bored with my current set of effects that I perform on a regular basis and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations of impromptu but strong magic for my arsenal of effects to include variety in what I perform. I'm a huge fan of magic from Theory11 and I do perform effects such as Witness, Dresscode but I kinda would prefer a more less-gimmick reliant trick such as Pressure. I've just looked into Lee Smith's STEP Volumes and I think the material there is very simple yet highly effective and elegant because I've actually took the material to the streets and still I daresay, receive the same reactions from performing highly simple stuff from Lee as compared to the more complicated sleight-of-hand based magic that I do from time to time.

    Maybe you guys have some recommendations along that line eg DVDs that suit my style? Please do share =)

  2. depending on how much you want to learn, in terms of sleights, go with some coin magic. There are a couple hard hitting tricks that dont involve much in the way of sleights (the first one that comes to mind is digital dissolve). There are a lot more you can do with coins if you take some time to learn sleights proper.

    good luck.
  3. if you do cards want pure slight of hand The trilogy magic volume by dananddave is all sleights that will take time to get to look perfect
  4. Look to the classics, If you want a gambling vibe, watch ricky jay
    for inspirtation or darwin ortiz If you want stuff much more simple, just force a card on your spectator and pretend to read their mind, it kill when I do it, or find the card, get it wrong and colour change it
    As for impromptu stuff, to tell u the truth I make up a ton if not almost all of my own material and almost all of it is impromptu, so just get creative with ur deck, think of a story and see how you would use a deck to tell it.
  5. Get some card college books. No sleight of hand required yet I've gotten some of my best reactions from the effects in the light,lighter,lightest series.

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