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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by skeryliuk14, May 10, 2012.

  1. I need to know how to get more peoples interest when I am walking around doing street magic. I don't know much about flourishing so that won't really help. Have any suggestions?
  2. The best way to get attention is to break their expectations. Do something strange. The classic Hover Card works ok, but outdoors people will see the method if they are closer than about 6 feet away if you're in the shade, in the sun, forget it. (That's an example more than a recommendation.) The fire wallet is also great for drawing attention. If you don't wanna do that, the other way to draw attention is to just say hello and ask them a question. If you can stop a family of 4, you have a good chance of drawing a larger crowd, especially if you can get them to react big. Curiosity one of the best ways to get attention. If you can make people wonder what is happening, you have a good chance of drawing them closer.

    For more info on approaching people check out this post. In it, I outline the approach I used when I was doing "street magic" every day one summer.
  3. The same as any location and setting at the end of the day.

    As said above getting their attention fast is a key! Totally different environment but as David Stone talks about in his book a fire wallet works well! But really its trying to find something that suits your style and makes them want to see more and interested rather than making them thing wow/how?!

    Also I like to keep my first trick really short. Like the D&D style tricks which are flashy but to the point, to keep them interested!

    I think one additional thing is making sure people know it's free so they don't think you're busking or begging as I imagine this would put some people off before they've seen what you do and where I live is a very touristy city and I'm sick of people coming up to me asking for money for one thing or another or to sign up for their TV or whatever :p

    Ultimately, experiment with a few things and see what works.

    Also a camera works wonders, like a decent quality one with a microphone... People think its actually for something then and at least to me seem much more into it. Note that a cheap, small poor quality will have the opposite effect.

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