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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by K-Tibrewala, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys!
    Please post your best prize so far, AND ALSO, when you got it, please.
    I'd love to see what's "taken" (even though I know if it's on the wheel it's still in stock).

    For example, mine would be:
    Propaganda Deck (woot), on the first day (first spin!!!)

  2. Hi man, nice to see a fellow new contributor. Thats a great 1st spin, can't go wrong with that:)

    I didn't win nothing today, but yesterday managed to get 500 reward points. Ive had a few 50 reward points the last couple of days also.

    Its all good fun, not many company's do this sort of thing. People shouldn't take it for granted.

    Kudos to the team.
  3. So far I got a huge bunch of points, 250, 100...(no 10,000) and sometimes nothing. no decks so far but yea. :)made use of those points to purchase downloads.
  4. I won a deck of white gold monarchs on the first day!
  5. I won about 2000 points and a Propaganda deck...
  6. I haven't won anything special yet. I won about 1500 points, which I'm gonna use for some downloads or a deck of the Black JAQKS (beatiful deck <3).
  7. Awesome! But when did you get the deck?
  8. Yeah, I agree...
    It's cool that they're doing this
  9. have won a total of 700 points so far and the biggest win is 100 points.....but still 10+ days left i think i can to abt 1500 by than which means a few tricks from the wire
  10. Just won another 1000 Elite points! So far I won about 2000 points and a deck of (White) Gold Monarchs. Keep Spinning!

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