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Aug 16, 2011
(This is my first review ever, so please forgive me if there are details left out of their respective sections, or mixed into others. Thanks)

TITLE and Creator:
Bandito by Alex Pandrea
Produced by The Blue Crown

First, your finger ring magically ties itself onto a rubberband. You then pluck the ring off the band and visually toss it back on! You take the ring off the band again, and have your spectator squeeze the band and ring together, where they relink under impossible conditions!

$17.95 Download
$19.95 DVD

The teaching was great, and Alex went over everything multiple times from both the performers point of view, as well as the spectators. I really thought the teaching on this DVD was very well done, and the only thing better than this DVD would of be to have Alex Pandrea sitting in front of you. You are not left with any questions on how to perform any of the moves at the end, and everything is explained multiple times in easy to understand way. Alex did not go too slow, nor too fast in his teaching, it was the perfect speed.

Quality of materials:
The routine is completely impromptu and only requires 1 ring, 1 rubberband, and of course, two hands. Although, Alex recommends having an extra rubber band on on your wrist.

The sleights used in this DVD are not very complicated, and with practice, I would say that even a person fairly new to sleight of hand could get this effect down. On a Scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most difficult, and 1 is the least difficult, I would give it a 4.

This can be done at anytime, and is completely impromptu, all you need is a ring and a rubber band. I would recommend using this as an opener (if you are using your own ring) into other rubber band routines. For instance, Bandito, followed by Rubbér Thruhand, followed by Touch. If you are using a spectators borrowed ring, then it would require a few seconds of misdirection (having them look at your for 5 seconds, or asking them a question would buy you enough time)

Overall Opinion:
I would say on a scale from 1-10, that this effect would be a 9 and I can't recommend this effect enough. When I first saw the trailer for Bandito, I thought that it may require a gimmick, or some odd knacky moves, but it is really easy to follow the basic handling version. There are 10 alternate handlings taught on the DVD, and it also includes 3 bonus effects as well - LINX, LINX 2.0 and LINX 3.0. If you are into rubber band magic, or are just looking for something to do besides a card effect, this would be a great opener that would be sure to grab everyone's attention. I mean think about it, you can use a borrowed ring, or your own. The only thing that stopped me from giving this a perfect 10 is that there is a very slight setup at the beginning. However, as mentioned in the applications section of this review, it can be done by having the spectator focus elsewhere for 3-5 seconds (depending on how fast you are.) Great effect, you won't regret this purchase.
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