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  1. New in the Forums and in the art of Magic. Can you lead me to some books, videos and whatnot to kickstart the passion? Interested in Close-up Card Magic. TIA
  2. Always a great reference video:

  3. The book "Magic In Mind" is a good book if you're just starting out. Also "Magic by Misdirection", and "Showmanship for Magicians" by Dariel Fitzkee are also great starting books, and excellent reads even if you're not a beginner.
  4. Jason's video has a good list of books. I would suggest taking one of two routes. The first route is the "classics" route which follows the beginning of Jason's list:

    Royal Road to Card Magic
    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
    Scarne on Card Tricks
    Expert Card Technique
    Card Control
    The Magic of LePaul
    Counts Cuts and Subtleties

    The second route is to get the Card College books. Start with the first two volumes -- they were designed to be a complete course in card magic... before the next three books were written. Also, pick up Card College Light. If you like the books, then pick up the rest of the sets (Volumes 3 through 5 and Lighter and Lightest). I like Giobbi's writing and teaching style much better than the classics.

    A lot of my favorite close-up routines (card and otherwise) come from Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment series. Great books to pick up after you have mastered the basics.

    I'd hold off on Fitzkee until you have some experience -- it is mostly his opinion on magic theory and not teaching sleights or effects.
  5. This is of great help, guys. Thank you.

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