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  1. So there is this beginner I know, hes my friend. He considers me to be his mentor but he is very stubborn. He doesnt listen to me and does or says stuipid things sometimes. he performs angle sensitive tricks at the wrong time, argues with me etc. What makes me mad even more is that he knows im right but still argues. Another thing is that he doesnt perform tricks, and never practices. He has been trying to do the thumb fan for thelast 2 months, and he says he practices. I feel he is too lazy to even learn a double lifta nd he complains when something goes wrong. He thinks that evrything happens without practice. Everytime he sees a trick he says " i wanna learn that" and then quites on it when he finds out the sleights. He is too lazy to practice them. What can i do to help him and understand what this art is about. Any tips guys? Thanks if you read through the whole thing. Please help.
  2. Its pretty clear he just wants to learn the secret and nothing more, my question
    for you is why do you continue to try to teach someone who you said is lazy,complains,stubborn,
    argues with you and says stupid things.
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    The first key to mentoring is to teach something and then not teach something else until the student has mastered what you taught them - which should include successfully performing the effect. The second key to mentoring is to select what is taught with an eye to the student's ability. If they don't have the judgment or ability to perform angle-sensitive effects, don't teach them those effects.

    For mentoring really to occur, there needs to be a significant gap in ability, knowledge and experience between the mentor and the student. I don't know if that is the case here, but I suspect that it isn't.
  4. It seems like he just wants to learn the secret. Don't just jump at the question and tell him how every trick is done. If he really wants to do magic, teach him one trick and help him with it until he can do it perfectly (mechanics-wise) and can perform it convincingly. If he doesn't want to learn from you though, then he doesn't really have to. Tell him about some books he can get if he's really interested. And then just stop mentoring him until HE asks you to continue.

    But he has that "Beginner Stubbornness (Probably not a word) Syndrome". He's now exposed to the secrets of magic and now he thinks he knows it all and nobody can help him. I'm assuming he's a teenager, so that's probably not helping his stubbornness. We think we know it all, even though we don't and we hate to be wrong about something. The only thing you can really do is to let him help himself since you helping him isn't REALLY helping him.
  5. Either he just wants to learn the secret, or your just putting too much pressure on him
  6. You should tell him and explain to him. Go master one trick and show me later within a week(easy trick). And after reviewing your performance, i will teach you another trick. This will test your friend if he is really wanted to learn magic. If he fail the basic = he is only hunger for knowledge. Explain to him, you gain nothing by only knowing the method but not using the method. People will hate you. You are called heckler.

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