Best Books On Magic Presentation Only

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  1. What are the best books on just magic presentation? Thank you.
  2. Ken Weber's Maximum Entertainment - It is a practical guide to better performance.
    Larry Hass' Transformations - The subtitle explains it all, "Creating Magic Out of Tricks."
    Peter McCabe's Scripting Magic - Examples of presentation, some good and some better.
    Jeff McBrides's The Show Doctor - Treating an assortment of maladies you never knew you had.

    Though not just on presentation, but some very good essays along with effects:

    Tommy Wonder's Books of Wonder
    Eugene Burger's Art of Magic and Performance of Close-Up Magic
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  3. Maximum Entertainment 2.0 by Ken Weber

    Perform by Tim Hannig

    Performing Magic With Impact by George Parker

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  4. Thanks guys.....appreciate it.
  5. The Five Points of Magic by Juan Tamariz. It's a short but valuable read!

    Thanks David for posting your review of my book!

    You can find additional reader feedback here.

    along with the Erudite Magic review:

  6. I havent read it yet, but I hear the books Scripting Magic 1 & 2 are good
  7. Yes they are excellent. Vol 1 is enough if both are too pricey, but I would say that's a book/set that should be in every magician's library.
  8. How much of Larry Hass' Transformations is covered in Maximum Entertainment?
  9. They are very different books. Webber is more general performing advice. Haas's book is more about adding meaning to your performance and presentation. One is more "how to perform" and the other is "what to perform."

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