"Best" close-up / street card-magic tricks?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm relativly new to card magic, just learned all basic grips and techniques the last months (e.g. royal road to card magic). I'm now learning different card flourishes (mainly false cuts) and I'm now searching for really strong effects which just blow up the mind of viewers.
    I just want to perform the effects close-up, so I just want to know about 3-4 tricks, but these tricks should be really fascinating.

    Currently I'm doing 3 different tricks:
    *) Invisible Deck (with different routines, e.g. the card is marked with X or the edge is missing)
    *) A trick with a normal deck. Riffling down on the upper edge until the viewers says stop, then taking the selected card out (but in reallity taking 2 cards but the viewer doesn't see that), show the selected card to the viewer and me and put it on top, then back into the deck (in reality the 2nd card is put back and the selected is still on top). Then various false cuts and shuffles to control the card. This trick is mainly to show the "good looking flourishs". After the end the card is still on top. Then I say that the viewer must find the card, I start riffling down until he says stop. Then I take the upper pack, turn it around and say that this was not the selected card (At the same time during the turnover I put the upper card to the lower pack), turn the hands again and the card is exactly at the correct position.
    *) A version of the 3 monte effect where I have 6 cards, two double sider.

    I'm now looking for other really good effects for close-up magic. E.g. I saw "52 shades of red" which looks really good but in the comments the people say that this is not for close up, it's for stage instead.

    Can someone with experience tell me which tricks are well known to be very good at close-up with a really really strong effect?
    Money should be no problem, if I have to pay for a strong effect it's absolutly ok, but I don't want to waste money for tricks where the viewer easily identifies the trick behind it or it's just applyable on stage or the effect is not very strong..
    The problem is that I spend quit much money the last months buying tricks and then finding out that I don't want to perform these tricks because one of the above conditions didn't hold. So I'm now looking for a guy who knows many tricks and can just tell me which would be good for my requierments

    So can anyone help me?
  2. Look up Magical Sneakers by Tenyo Magic. The second effect, 'Color Test'; 90% of it happens in the spectators hands. Of all the Tenyo effects I have done, Magical Sneakers has ALWAYS blown spectators minds apart.
  3. I would also check out Gregory Wilson's On the Spot. It can help add some really great material to add that will compliment your card magic really well.
  4. Greg Wilson, Jay Sankey and Paul Harris have some of the best "Street" stuff out there. I'd make sure I was familiar with their material.
  5. Really really strong effect? Out of This World, Angle Zero, Biddle Trick. Anything presented as 'real' rather than card tricks. Out of This World is perfect for it.
  6. I recommend you this routine:
    1. Find your spectator's card
    2. Ambitious Card
    3. Card through glass
  7. If you like the feel of a three card monte routine, I highly recommend Two Card Monte, which is very good for close up magic and happens in the spectators hands. the best part is that you can find several tutorials for it on you tube free. definitely a great close up effect.

    if you are looking for something a little more in "In your face" and money isn't an issue, i highly suggest "Counterfeit" by Wayne Houchin. its about $25, and you can get the download here on T11.

    pretty much any color change will serve you well and I wouldn't shy away from paying a few dollars for a good effect, or one that fits your style.

    A good ACAAN routine might be helpful to have, again, there are some decent ones that you can find for free, or you can pay a few dollars for some other ones.

    The Ghost Deck routine is also great, but you need loops, and it will take time to learn how to not break them, so expect to put up at least $30 for your first order of loops, (You can get them online pretty easy, check Ellusionist or Amazon.) but the effect is mind boggling to the layman. once you have loops under your belt, (or rather, around your wrist...) you can find several other effects that utilize loops for really astounding close up magic.

    SO in essence:

    1: Two Card Monte.
    2: Wayne Houchin "Counterfeit"
    3:ACAAN & Color Changes

    That would be my recommendation anyways! do whatever you think fits your style best!
  8. If money is no issue, I would do Vertigo by Rick Lax, and The Code by Andy Nyman.
  9. Why do you like tenyo magic so much Mr Hurley?
  10. I grew up with the Milton Bradley Magic Works line. I would later find out that 2/3 of the entire line were Tenyo Magic effects and my twins and I greatly enjoy them. They are really neat and tough to figure out for spectators. Even though they are effects made for layment to perform and enjoy; you do a bit of looking around in the Tenyo inventory and I swear you'll find some that resonate with you and how you perform. Some of them, may not resontate so much with your wallet. But you'll find something.

    It's also because I'm in the process of constructing two strolling routines and a show for a childrens hospital out of all Tenyo Magic and Magic Works effects. By my count, I'll have 15 effects total. Sure, it doesn't play from the pockets too well, but that's not the point. I know there are some magicians in the area that also do magic at the hospital I'm going to volunteer for. Which is great because a child in the hospital is probably having the worst day of their life; magic is a great way to help bring them joy in such an environment.
    It's just that I'm not going to do the 'go-to' effects for children's magic. I'm deathly afraid of a child having seen something before like 'Coloring Book', 'Bigger Wands', and the (basic) presentation of 'Sponge Bunnies' and being called out for it. I've been trying to construct a routine and a character since September 2014. To which, I've also had my head in the Tenyo Magic inventory.

    I know that some of Tenyo effects are a bit out there and a lot of people don't know about them in general. But I can see practical magic applications for a lot of them and with requests by others.

    I just did 'Magical Sneakers' last night on a flight back to Las Vegas last night with a GREAT positive reaction. That is my go to as long as I have a table to work with.
    I did Super Cubio and that didn't go as well as I'd have liked to, but I blame that on my presentation. The guy was 16 and I did my presentation for younger audiences and I REALLY should have went with the presentation of a 'sucker trick'. Live and learn.
  11. On that tangent, this is my favorite tenyo trick. I had it when I was little and tracked one down for my daughter
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  12. I actually grew up with Crystal Cleaver as well! I had 4 of the Magic Works line: Crystal Cleaver, Mystery Dice, Dark Dagger, and Clean Cut. 'Cleaver was the first one I had, and ironically, it kind of ruined it for every other one that I acquired after it. The whole thing is extremely well done and amazing and clever--AND 100% inspectable before and afterwards. Mystery Dice (Tenyos Flash Dice) is also 100% inspectable and clever, but can;t hold a candle to 'Cleaver in comparison. The only "complaint" I would have is that it's not exactly something you could 'play from the pockets'. But then again, 100% inspectable double penetration is impressive in of itself.

    Great choice on tracking one down for your daughter! My daughter is also very much into magic. And while I haven't acquired Crystal Cleaver for her yet, I have started her on some of the Disney themed Tenyo items. Namely the Frozen themed Pendant and Dynamic Coins.

    A LITTLE bit to the topic at hand. Tenyo does have some card/packet tricks that are rather easy to acquire that may work for you. Namely Magical Burger (has 3 effects, but all pertaining to mental magic) and Sakkaku Scale (optical illusion themed).
    Although of Magical Burger, Sakkaku Scale, and Magical Sneakers; I still stand by Magical Sneakers
  13. I really love dynamo coins and blue crystal although people love to examine my blue crystal gimmick. Dynamo coins is awesome, but mine only came with the 100 yen version which means boo hoo can't use normal coins.
    Soft coins and crystal cleaver are also among my favourites.

    However, occupying my top spot is still ballerina hank. Easy but mystifying, it uses no thread and is rather easy to pick up. Although you do need to watch and learn some moves online (not tutorials, but demo; since the gimmick is so flexible you really could work moves out yourself)
  14. Thanks Mr Hurley
  15. I was upset as well with Dynamic Coins! My daughter and I got the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Tokyo version. I believed that it would be like the 'boxes' version that has the picture of quarters on the back and therefore they are ALL compatible with quarters; lo and behold, it needs yen. We're working with nickels at the moment. But we really need Yen for it. I keep checking the local CoinStar machines to see if people leave behind the foreign currency and MAYBE I'll come across some Yen. No such luck. But I have quite a stack of Pesos.

    Blue Crystal is a great optical effect. I don't have it, but it's a Lubor Fiedler made effect. It's a stumper. If you like that one, you might also like Fadeaway Case as it uses a LOT of the same mechanics as Blue Crystal and improves on the concept of it. You'll need to use a borrowed dollar because you'll be spending somewhere in the realm of $50+ for it.

    And Ballerina Hank is VERY underrated. I don't have one--yet. But there's a lot of integration with other effects you can use it on, and it's a very elegant effect. I don't think a lot of people use it because of the notion that you can take the Tenyo from the box and be able to amaze spectators with zero practice. Ballerina Hank happens to be one of those effects you REALLY need to practice.

    Are you on this forum for Tenyo? http://funstuffonly.com/tenyoforum/

    No problem!
  16. Jugglr,

    I am relatively new/intermediate in magic. I have been doing it for about a year. However, I have never actually performed on the streets or for many people. I do, however, know a great trick. It's called, "Jack in the Hole". Here is the link:

    Good Luck.
  17. Biddle trick!
    Done it tons of times and it still kills, even if they see it for the second time. Also, the sleights involved are fairly easy, so you can focus on your presentation.
  18. Best is subjective, we all have our favorite effects that we love to perform, but calling any one "the best" is going a bit out there. That being said the ones I perform most often are as follows:

    Another vote for the Biddle trick. Simple slight, but it always tends to get great reactions.

    For fast and visual I love Twisting the Aces...I usually do a modified version of it that I won't explain here, but it's only slightly different than Vernon's original handling of the routine.

    Doc Eason's Impossible Opener. While this one is usually done over a table it can be modified to be done entirely in the hands, so it CAN be used as a walk around routine if need be, though I personally feel it performs better in a tabled setting.

    Bill Malone's Think Touch Turn is currently my absolute favorite trick to perform right now and so far it absolutely kills.

    And I just started doing a Blizzard type effect, but so far the reactions have been extremely positive.

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