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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by razvh, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys
    What is in your opinion the best iphone/ipod touch magic app?
    I already have: Invisible deck (ellusionist, Magic Shuffle (tenyo), Rizing card (theory11), Iforce (Greg Rostami)
    Ps: I live in holland so revelations in english aren't really that good
  2. I'd recommend mega card trick as a good iPhone magic app
  3. Premonition by Ellusionist isn't half bad, and works with ANY language cause you customize it... Very easy to work and I've used it a couple times when I don't have cards, and it kills...

    Need an iPhone though... wouldn't make sense with an iPod lol
  4. try out mental killer. it has different languages.
  5. ipredict is really great, it is very clean and it all happens on their phone!
  6. I might be a LITTLE biased, but I think Rising Card and iPredict are hard to beat! I'm also a big fan of Andy Nyman's mind reading app - he performed it for me at dinner a few weeks ago and fooled me completely. I had to download it immediately - very much recommended.

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