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  1. Last year I performed this magic act last year at a school meeting. I finally edited it and uploaded the video of it today. Let me know what you all think!


    Like I said in the video description, my mom was video taping, so I apologize for the shaky footage

    Over and out,

    P.S. don't forget to critique my performance!
  2. Nice very funny! All you need is experience to tighten down the loose screws :) It was a solid performance though
  3. Thanks! Yeah as you can tell I was very nervous, but since then I've been practicing and now I'm not phased by an audience of any size. It's pretty funny how my reactions when he picked Tom Cruise, were accidental, but they ended up fitting into the act. To me, I was very excited hahaha that he chose Tom, and my excitement only made the gag that much more powerful. Any suggestions for a future stage act in the same school meeting sort of setting? Maybe a gag trick (funny) followed by a routine of some sort?
  4. Jimbo, Very natural and entertaining. Best wishes.
  5. Nice! I like it! Here is my "Video Battle Reply" as it where, as no one has challenged you yetm and I believe that this is what this part of the forum is for? A little different to yours as It's silent, but still pretty cool :)

  6. i thought you did really well. you seemed a bit nervous (but who isn't am i right).

    by the way, i was thinking about purchasing that trick. is it worth it?
  7. Youngman's comedy routine consisted of telling simple one-liner ... A typical stage performance by Youngman lasted only fifteen to twenty.

    thanks for sharing.

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  8. [video=youtube;zVjrWOfHkcA][/video]

    I know this is and old thread but here's a video of me performing on stage as well :)
  9. What is the name of this routine and besides overthrowing the ball I was very entertained! ;)

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