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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by AndrewC, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. I need some cheap decks and so I am looking at getting a brick of new bikes,new tallys, and bee club specials. Since the USPCC moved to Kentucky, which is better, the new bikes or new tallys. Also, are the bee club specials better than the new tallys or bikes?
  2. Go ahead and search ''eostresh'' into the forums. I believe he's made some reviews on those decks.
  3. I can only find a tally review and Im pretty sure its for old tallies. I just need to know which handles better, the new bikes, new tallys, or bee club specials
  4. I recommend the Tally-Hos above the bikes and bees, for bees, since they are a thicker stock, I feel like they clump faster than my Tallys and Bikes, and I've had better luck with lasting longer with Tallys over Bikes, so for me... Tally for the Tallies
  5. I know how bad this sounds but the reason I don't like Bikes too much is because they are regular, and everyone uses them. I know how arrogant that is but it's just me :L However, I have always loved Tally's more but I genuinely think the new Bikes are better than the new Tallys. My new Tallys clumped after a couple of days of constant use. I wasn't happy. As for Bees, I haven't used my Bee deck alot but as it stands it's faring very well for Kentucky.
  6. Chances are it's from Ohio. I thought that too, at first - until I got sudden degraded packs of cards. The KY bees now have two cards with barcodes in them, and one of the two will have the date printed. Decks currently at MY local CVS are printed mid-October, and they... I'm hesitant to say they're utter ****, but there's definitely a huge downgrade in quality.
  7. All 3 of them have a huge loss of quality. Im considering Tallys or Bees right now.
  8. The Tallys are not as great as they used to be, but I still feel that their quality holds up for a longer period of time than the Bikes or the Bees. But that might just be my imagination.
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    I have yet to try the off the shelf Bikes Bees and Tallys from KY....Haven't hit the shelves in Korea yet. In general I would always chooseTallys over bike 808s but I have heard a lot of scuttlebut that the KY Tally-hos are not up to snuff. Of course I have heard the same about Bikes? As for Bees....I am a HUGE fan. I have yet to try the KY Club specials but all of the Bee Aristocrats I have reviewed are from KY and they are all outstanding. As far as I can tell the difference between the Aristocrat and the regular club specials is the quality control and perhaps the press used. The stocks measure the same and they are about as flexible. Bee will generally be softer and more flexible than the other brands so it partially comes down to your preferance. Do you want a stiffer card or a softer one? Unless things have changed Bees and Tallys should be a tad THINNER than Bike. I have measured that several times comparing decks on flat surfaces side by side and using calipers. Every time the Bike is the thickest card. Bikes may have changed it's stock since moving to KY but I am pretty sure that Tallys and Bees have not.

    S.G. Posted a good review on the KY tally hos:
  10. I thought that was a possibility too, however the guarantee joker says it's from KY and there aren't two barcode cards.
  11. AndrewC I know you are asking about bees bikes and tallys but try out a deck of Streamlines. They are only a buck at Wal-Mart and they are great cards. They are like the perfect mix between Aladdins and Arrcos and for a buck you aren't losing anything by trying them out.
  12. I've never heard of those, Ill check them out. Thanks to everyone for replying to my question.
  13. I find this funny. USPCC even said themselves that Bikes and Tallys are exactly the same yet people still think they're thicker and last longer. They use he same finish and card stock. Your minds are playing tricks on you
  14. Hi people. Okay Let's clear this! i saw many threads about that.
    After 3-4 weeks i will make an order here. And i live far far away and this would be one shot only. I never touched bee or Tally-ho - Only Aviators - Very good decks - Bicycle (Ohio box but joker says Ky) - Also very good - but didn last me long And 1 ghost deck - Very good but im scary of damage him so i have him only for pretty look.
    So i want to order after 3-4 weeks Bee and Tally-ho (No more than 3-4 decks of each - Man shiping expensive!) And maybe 2-3 decks more of Bicycle - Not sure.

    So please lets clear this out. I dont want to purchase bad quality cards. For me the order will be not cheap. So if any of you that buy from this site not more than 1 month ago - Tell me the Quality of Bee and Tally-ho Circle back and Bicycle. Please Dont Post information about any other deck. I dont care Alladins or Arrco or any other... Only this i can buy now.
    So tell me are those cards now good or not. Some ppl says is good now , some still bad...
  15. The real answer may not be what you are looking for. Bike, Tally, and Bee are the backbone of USPCC cards. They are all good quality but they don't go through any extra "quality" controls. So, compared to cheap plastic cards made in China and Japan(Though Japan has some fantastic quality plastic cards as well....but they cost a bloody fortune!) you will be overjoyed with the quality. If you compare it to some of the European brands(Piatnik club and star club, Fournier 505s, and even some of the Carta Mundi decks) you might be a bit disappointed.

    Because you are pointing out the high cost of shipping I am assuming that you are buying internationally. If that is true you should seriously consider looking into custom cards and special run cards. Look out for USPCC cards that are advertised as either "Q1 quality" or "printed on the Web Press." These cards are the cards that USPCC puts a lot of quality into. They are more expensive and if you were simply buying cards in North America I would not recommend them unless you are experienced enough to "feel" the difference in quality. But when you are dealing with foreign shipping the cost/quality ratio narrows quite a bit. You can get cards on this site that run for $5.00 and come off the web press. Conjuring Arts sells high quality cards for $4.00. It is a big price difference from $2-$3.00 Bikes, Bees, and Tallys but when you add in shipping rates that can average over $25.00...well you do the math.

    Anyways. If you decide you just don't have the money to invest in high quality decks regardless of shipping rates then you may want to order of 3 Bikes or Tally hos(these two are so similar that you really have to have some experience before you can appreciate one from the other) and three decks of Bees(these should be noticeably softer flexing than the Bikes and Tallys)

    Hope that helps. What got me into card collecting in the first place was living internationally and realizing that, once shipping was factored in, I was getting a lot more moneys worth buying high quality cards that were lasting me three or more weeks than buying standard 808 bikes that I was trashing in a week or two.
  16. They do not use the same finish or stock. The Tallys use a Linoid finish which is significantly more slippery than the air-cushioned finish of the Bicycles (out of the box). The #9 stock for Tallys is also thicker than the #808 of the Bikes. In a brand new deck, you can even visibally see this.
    I will say though that the Linoid finish was the basis for the air-cushioned finish, so they are somewhat similar, even though the Linoid Finish is still way smoother. After using both decks for a while, they will feel similar, but still different enough to be kept seperate.
  17. all three are made at the same company plant in Ohio, use the same paper and same finish. Back in the day you could tell more of a difference between one or the next, but now the measurements on all 3 of those brands are all over the place.

    I've held Tallys thicker than Bees

    I've held Bees thinner than Bikes

    It's really - which back design do you like better

    Last I heard Tallys were still made with a Q1 quality control - which means you get better corners and better registration - however they are not as common to find.

    At the end of the day it boils down to YOUR preference - and none of us will be able to tell you what you like - watch this it will tell you a little more about how those decks are made

  18. Sorry people, no thread bumping. This thread was from back in 2011. Feel free to start a new thread, but this one is closed.

    // L
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