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  1. Watch the trailer HERE:

    "Blank Slate" is based off the "Kiss trick." This effect is a bit more practical because the ring can be borrowed from a spectator. The magician vanishes it in a very fun way then has the spectator sign a blank card. The magician draws an image of a ring on the back of the card then magically pops the spectator's ring off of it. The dean image of the ring is gone and the card can be examined!
  2. Very clever effect. I can see it is easy to learn; just a few 'standard' sleights.

    I wonder if throwing the ring over her head was a bit dramatic (I saw panic in her eyes!). Perhaps a simple vanish or wrap it in a cloth and ask the other spectator to hold it; but as you hand it to her "drop" it and mime watching it roll away.
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  3. Yes I wanted to go for a bit over the top in this effect. haha In the tutorial i teach how to "throw away the ring" but also give some ideas on normal coin vanishes and stuff too :)

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