Blindsided by OZ Pearlman

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  1. Another great effect by OZ, Blindsided is a Full deck color change.
    The Effect. Spectator selects a card from clearly a whole red deck the card is retured to the deck, the magicain attempts to locate the card by feeling, after cutting to one card it is turned over and shown to NOT be the spectators card, the card then visually changes into thier selection. The card is set down on a table/sectators hands ect, and the magician asks "the front changed but what about the back? Turn over your card" They turn thier card over to see the back hasent changed its still red. They then look in the magicians hands and see a WHOLE BLUE DECK. The magician says "I meant these cards"

    This trick is great, its kind of like Neminis, also by OZ, but is more convincing and less dirty.

    Its easy to learn and in my opinion the best full deck color change out there, check this one out! Also check out my review for Clutch also by OZ

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