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    New DVD is out called Bold by Rus Andrews. It is being sold at If you are not familiar with Rus he is an amazing English Magician putting out some of the most original new ideas available. I first heard of him when I purchased Numbers--an ebook. Numbers is the best ebook purchase I have ever made (kind of an ACAAN/Open prediction effect with NO sleight of hand---if interested check out at

    The Bold DVD has 5 card effects that are really original and WILL make an impact on the spectator. Collared ends with a card in an impossible location. Oil SLick is brilliant. This is a 2 phase Oil and Water, the first phase happens face down and the second pahase is done face up---in the specatators own hands!!! There is a thought of card to shoe (yes to the specatoars shoe). There is an impromptu card change and also the Daley Transpo which is worth the price of the DVD alone.

    The teaching on the DVD is first rate and Rus actually adds more than just the mechanics on to perform each effect. This DVD does not disappoint and I highly recommend it.

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