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  1. I have just started working on my bottom deal, and I'm having problems with my grip. I'm using the Erdnase grip, but I can't seem to get the hang of it. Whenever I try dealing a bottom the whole deck tends to slide out of position, and I have to reposition it. Anyone ever had the same problem when they were starting bottomdealing? Any tips is greatly appreciated.
  2. This is a pretty common problem when learning any new grip, or deal. I started with the Erdnase deal way back when, and had the same experience. After a while, you'll most likely developed a blister or callous where the corner of the deck contacts your palm, and shortly after, you'll get the knack. The real challenge comes later.

    You should expect the same problem if and when you decide to learn a new deal. It's just your hand and brain adapting to the way you're holding the deck.
  3. I had the exact same problem with the erdnase grip - my bottom deal still sucks donkey balls, but the deck has stopped sliding now and I can push cards out fairly smoothly. It really is just a question of practice.
  4. Are you using the push off or strike technique?
  5. 1) start with using may be half the deck

    2) assuming u r right handed, make sure that u can hold the deck at the index corners by maintaining a diagonal pressure between the base of the left thumb and your left middle fingers. in this position u should be able to turn your palm face down without the cards falling off.

    3) since erdnase mentions the push out deal make sure that you push out the card with just enough force to losen it from its place.

    and as always practice, practice and practice ... preferably watching somebody doing a very good bottom deal.
  6. SJSAWYER: I really can't say. When I deal seconds I use push off, but I didn't think those terms applied to bottoms.

    AWIMAGIC:I can get the deck in position, and I can turn my hand without problem, but when I start using that ringfinger to push cards out, I apply pressure with my middle finger to hold it in place, and that's when it starts sliding along the base of my thumb till it just pops out of place and everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    But I am noticing a bit progress, so I guess I'll just have to practice and it will come
    thanks for the replies
  7. Strike bottoms require a slightly bigger hand else it will looks kind of unnatural.
  8. thanks, but..

    right... but I still don't know what it is..
  9. oh i understand now... in this case just reposition the lower left corner a bit below the usual position and more towards the center of the palm. in this position some pressure from the base of the palm and the base of the thumb will prevent the slipping.

    also remember that even Erdnase mentions the problem of the deck slipping out of the hand. in this case he advises to adjust the deck while taking the top card.

    and yes there are push out bottoms and strike bottoms as well. however erdnase mentions push out bottoms only and for good reason. push out bottoms can be done with new cards as well as old crumpy cards with the same ease. however for strike bottoms the cards should be relatively new.
    perhaps an expert strike dealer won't have a problem using old cards.

    with strike deals there is no knuckle/finger flashing so many tend to use that.

    also changing into the erdnase grip for bottom dealing while one has used the mechanics grip might stick out in the eyes of a sharp audience but i don't care too much about that.

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