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  1. Hi,

    Are there any other sources on the bottom deal beside the 1-on-1?
    I do like books AND DVD's. So fire away


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    expert card technique
    card college v.4
    Revolutionary Card Technique

    there you got some books at least :)

    by the looks of it, Marlo's book seems to contain the most info on the bottom deal out of the three listed...

    VIII. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part One)
    IX. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Two)
    X. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Three)

    *edit* Of course there is Expert at the Card Table as well! You might want to pick that one up first seeing as it is FREE!
  3. I already got that one but i'm searching for some diffrent grips and finesses.
    but really thanks.
  4. Here's a few choice selections for you aside from the ones already mentioned:

    Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing - Stephen Hobbs - Contains a variant on the Erdnase grip and several bottom and centre dealing techniques.

    The Phantom of the Card Table - Eddie McGuire - The work of Walter Scott who was predominantly a "number two man", but it also contains a pretty good bottom deal.

    Revelations Volume 12 DVD - Dai Vernon - Vernon and his co-hosts go over a few different bottom dealing techniques including Erdnase's, Artanis' and Dr Elliot's.

    Gambling Protection Series DVD - Steve Forte - A cornucopia of sleights, devices and techniques used by gamblers. I've only seen the original VHSs, which is more of an expose than a teaching tool, but I'm given to understand that there's more in-depth teaching of some moves in the new DVDs.

    Advanced Card Control Volume 2 DVD - Allan Ackerman - The material on this is largely the contents of Marlo's Seconds, Centers and Bottoms, so it's useful to supplement the text. Marlo did produce a video of him demonstrating his deals, but it's no longer readily available.

    The Cheat: Best of the Bottoms DVD - Richard Turner - This is Mr Turner's bottom dealing techniques and applications. Due to his lack of eyesight, he's had to re-invent a lot of moves and work out ideas for himself rather than learning them from books, so he has his own individual touches that could be useful for you.
  5. Card Control by Arthur Buckley hasn't been mentioned either.
  6. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but thats not what the new DVDs have at all. They just hold a few extra bonuses, but the DVDs are not teaching DVDs at all.

    Let me repeat that: Steve does not teach any bottom deal or any move in the DVDs. Its an exposure/protection video series.
  7. Oh, that's disappointing. I may have dreamed it but weren't there supposed to be 52 moves taught or something like that?
  8. 52 is a bonus featurette with 52 handpicked move from Steve's personal reference files.

    None of them are taught. Just shown. Very few of them are even tipped.

    On the other hand, it is the most insanely skilled 15minutes of card work ever put on film...
  9. I think it's just the VHS converted into DVD format with better picture etc, and a few bonuses from Steve.

    Anyway, back to the original question..

    Ian Kendall's Tops, Seconds and Bottoms is a good DVD and Revelations Volume 12 is also good for Bottom Dealing.

    I did a lot of research on the Bottom Deal a few years ago and to be honest the best I found was the Ian Kendall DVD. They are the three deals taught from the same grip and the bottom and second are both Strike Deals, which in my opinion are better than push-offs.

    I Bottom Deal I use for a full pack is a slight variation from Ian Kendall's deal.

    If I have less cards though, I tend to use the Bottom Deal taught in Revelations that uses the Straddle Grip.

    EDIT. Sorry, I didn't see Arthur Pitt's reply about the gambling Protection Series

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