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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iizet, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. i want to buy showoff3 but i cannot find the website
    can anyone tell me where to find it?
  2. Oh no! Don't tell Heckler! (BrianationX)
  3. I also notticed that the demo for show off 3 is off the you tube also, there just the rants there.
  4. I maybe incorrect, but I believe the showoff 3 demo leaving youtube was due to music violations.
  5. really? where did you ot the info?
  6. I have my ways to finding what I'm curious about :p That's just my guess though, I say this because I knew a few other videos using the same music which suddenly disappeared. As far as the website, I'm not sure. It could be an update or perhaps he's moving to a different webhosting company.

  7. Hahaa, that was good :) and so true.

    This just shows that people are not used to searching, and the only sites they know for magic is Theory 11 and Ellusionist anything else is pure ****(in theyr mind ofcourse).

    Use google :) (thats going to my signature...
  8. Ah, its great that BrianationX ISN'T here. lol.
  9. which one should i buy some are $25 some are $39.99
  10. I believe they are suppose to be same video, just priced differently...
    Also consider their shipping charges as well, and then decide.

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