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  1. I have a bit of a predicament. I have an effect that I've been testing in real life for about 6 months, and have been developing for about a year. I plan to release it later this year. The only problem is this;
    While the trick itself is completely angle proof, and comes with its own misdirection. However, I developed this trick for people, not a stationary camera. If I were to shoot it on camera, it would be so obvious that no one would download the effect. I also do not want to use a camera angle that makes it look like I'm hiding something. What ways can I film it? A performance from a spectator's angle?
  2. Welcome to the back end of producing magic products. This is a question we have to answer every single time a product is made.

    My advice is to get someone to use their phone or a hand-held camera so that it is basically what a spectator would be seeing. People will complain either way, so just do your best to give the audience's experience.
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  3. Would you say it's okay to do it at an angle where the focus is more so on the spectators?
  4. You might want to try something like what Ellusionist did with this:

    I remember watching this trailer and being surprised by how candid Geraint was, it left a positive impression on me. This honestly might be the best way you can release a trick that isn't meant for camera.

    (p.s. that trick is actually pretty nice too - it's a lot of fun to perform and some of the moves can be used for a lot of other applications)
  5. E/Geraint got a lot of flak for doing that, though.

    That's why I said people will complain no matter what. Just make the video that best represents what the audience will experience, as best you can.

    Sadly, this is probably your worst option. If magicians can't see what the magician in the demo is doing, they assume it's all bunk. Any time we put out a demo that doesn't show at least most of what the magician is doing, it gets trashed on forums and doesn't generally sell very well.
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