Can anyone give me any hints as to how the ACAAN was done in this video?

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  1. I've never actively pursued ACAAN effects (though they astound me) because I'm always afraid that the spectator will name 47 or something. Ramsay has us all warned.

    However, I think Tamariz or Mitchell Kettlewell can give you an idea as to how it's done. I can't say for sure because I have access to neither of them (nor their creations).

  2. All I have to say is check out ASI Winds a.a.c.a.a.n this is what David is doing. You can find it on vanishing inc.
  3. I saw the video. Mitchell Kettlewell won't help (I mean, HE could probably help, but not for the purposws of my 'hint' :D ).

    So Tamariz will help you. Or Asi Wind, as said.
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  4. use the ruler "number" force so your participant must name the number between 30-40 of your choosing. I like to use 36. basically run your hand down an imaginary ruler and tell the spectator to say stop any time. usually they'll say stop 3/5 of the way. Then you can say: that's around 35 or 36 down right? and don't wait for an answer, say 35 or 36? whichever one they say doesnt matter anymore, as its just a matter of showing the card after the 36th card or as the 36th crad
  5. Wow i like this force method, how do you know what they are gonna nake as any card tho and set that card in the 36th position?
  6. this most "difficult" thing about Asi Winds version I would say, is the mind work+math plus the "move"

    it requires fluid, smooth and correct pacing to achieve it

    also, you can look into "Flip Shift" by John Born
  7. If I were you I'd look into the work of Juan Tamariz.
    Enjoy your search for this gem!
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  8. This is essentially the excellent Asi Wind version. I haven't read my John Born (mentioned above) too carefully or recently, but it may be similar. Tamariz and many others will teach you how to do more or less the same effect but with a different and in my opinion inferior (some would say overrated) technique.
  9. With this effect, which I have never cared for, depends on what you want to sacrifice for performance

    do you want to touch the deck, do you want it to be shuffled and inspected before, can you process formulas and mind-techniques fast, etc

    with Asi's, you have to touch the "deck" and if your move is not fluid and paced well it can look awkward
  10. Does Juan Tamariz have a book with the ACAAN?
  11. search up parousia by ross tayler. only 4 dollars but full of useful psychological forces
  12. His book Mnemonica has some. Chapter 6 section 2, but it does not contain the version used in the video.
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  13. Don't get me wrong, but if yo are not familiar with tamariz, aronson or anyone simular, asis version (which is fantastic) won't have an use for you.
  14. I have the Asi Wind videos. They contain everything you need including the optional Tamariz reference material. If you don't watch until the verrrry end you can miss that part, but it is all there. It is shown as the closing credits.
  15. Just have his book, there is it not explained.
  16. I wanted something without using the cover of the deck.
  17. Every version will have some trade-off. I think the one shown above is the cleanest version- there's a reason David Blaine chose that method. Though it will likely be a few months before you can do it if you have no previous experience with the necessary principles. Position Impossible ( is worth a look if you want to go another way, though technically it's a different effect of course comes with its own trade-offs.
  18. Yeah what is the name of the method Blaine used?
  19. This, but his own take on it of course.

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