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  1. So I have just got into magic and cardistry, and I have learned a few tricks but nothing great, and I have heard that if you're right handed then you should hold the deck in your left hand. However, I can't do that and the fact that I have hemiplegia really doesn't help so I stick with the right and right thing. This is fine but whenever I try to learn for example a simple two-handed flourish or something like that, I find it extremely hard to have any control with my left hand but I can slightly do it with my right hand. Should I just stick with hand swapping all of the time or is that a bad habit?
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  2. Do whatever is best for you. Many magicians use their right hands. It is all up to whatever feels comfortable.
  3. Ok thanks, and is the swapping hands when I do magic or cardistry fine too? Or is that just weird?
  4. I think it is fine. I Spring the cards with my left hand but do other things with my right hand.
  5. There are magicians who only have one hand, or in some cases no hands at all. They are able to adapt to make their magic work for them. With some creativity you can do the same as well. Don't EVER let anyone say you are doing it "wrong" or that your handling is "weird." everyone has their limitations, it is how you deal with them that will determine if you are a successful performer.
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  6. The only wrong way to do something is to not try it at all. Do whatever feels easier for you - the more you practice, the more you will adapt and improve

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