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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kingdamian1, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. So, I see many magicians, particularly David Blaine using some beautiful decks. Unfortunately, sometimes I do not know what they are... I will post videos at the time they are most seen... Can someone tell me what these decks are called. Thanks


  2. I'm pretty sure the first is his red split spades deck. I don't know for sure though or where you could buy them.

    The second looks to be his Gatorback deck.

    You never get a good look at the backs but I can guarantee both of them are his own decks.
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  3. And Blaine's signature decks are usually expensive and scarce (unless they are newly released and not yet sold out on the normal retail market). For instance, you won't find split spades or gatorbacks on ebay for less than about $25/deck and the average cost is closer to $40 or $50 per deck. In the world of collectible playing cards this is totally normal.
  4. I'd say red gatorback for Jimmy Fallon and bicycle blue discover split spades for the second video. Without seeing the cases makes it a little harder but that's my best guess.
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  5. Actually, watching it again, they kinda both look like gatorbacks but I have no clue haha.
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  6. Yup... I think you are right... The first one at least!
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  7. I don't think he made gatorbacks in blue, they are just red green and black from memory, that's what leads me to think the blue are the split spades
  8. Are they blue though? Idk you're probably right.

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