Can theory11 make a Revolution Cut 1-on-1?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Howl Black, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. I have been trying to get the revolution cut down for the past months and i can't get it. Can there be a one on one. or can you post link. I just want the cut. On the trilogy, its not the best explanation. Thanks for reading.
  2. I just learned the cut from the trilogy in about 2 hours of practice I have it almost perfect. Try watching it again and make sure all your hands are in the right position.
  3. please dont put the revolutionary cut as a 1on1 its just not worth it
  4. I disagree and think it would be great, but the only problem is Brian Tudor created the move and his permission would have to be given to publish it for profit.

  5. Yeah. It's Brain's move. I doubt it will be a 1on1.
  6. Dan and dave and tudor are friends I think. But I doubt it. A detailed tutorial for making a S lepaul spread. A detailed one.
  7. noobs. besides, its the REVOLUTION cut not REVOLUTIONARY. its the easiest thing ever.
  8. i cant do the revolution cut

    but as for a 1on1...
    just go to youtube lol
  9. Dude don't hate. He asked a simple question. If someone is below you on skill level, help them out instead of bragging about supposedly being better, cuz you probably aren't if you can't contribute. If you want to hate on new magicians, go join penguin.

    Anyways, no, I don't believe they could do that because it is not technically their trick. It belongs to Brian Tudor, so they would need his permission to publish a 1-on-1. Besides, even if a 1-on-1 was made, it might just be the same explanation from the Trilogy. Youtube might be a good option if you can find a trustworthy and experienced teacher. :)
  10. Check my sig for Revo|Evo.

  11. Not really gonna help if he can't do the original... Not worth the download time either imo -.-

    Either way man... Just cause it's considered a popular/easy move doesn't mean it'd be a bad 1-on-1, I think anyone who suggests that is so misunderstands the purpose of Theory11. Nonetheless, David's point about ownership is a good point.

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