Can't Faro Shuffle for the life of me

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  1. The last time I made a post on this forum, it was about the riffle shuffle. Surprisingly, after the post, things kind of worked themselves out. The theory11 community came to my aid and offered lots of good moral and technical advise, all of which ultimately helped me learn how to do the move, even though I still can't do it without a surface.

    Now here I am, trying to figure out the Faro Shuffle, which is significantly harder based off of what I've seen. It isn't so difficult doing the latter part, where the weave has to be curved with my right hand alone, with the left hand acting as the surface on which it ultimately cascades. But the former part, creating the weave itself, is a gigantic pain in the ass!

    For the record, I have a standard bicycle deck, the same as my profile picture. I do not know how the cards were cut at the edges while manufacturing, but I've heard it matters, and you should try to angle the insertion based off of how they're cut. So I'm a little clueless here.

    So, what should someone like me do to figure out how to get the shuffle?
  2. There is a difference between doing a faro and a perfect faro. You can faro any type of cards. A perfect faro is more easily done based on the way cards are cut.

    A couple of tips to create the weave: 1) make sure the tops of the deck are slightly beveled; 2) move where you grip the cards further toward the ends of the decks; and 3) move the cards slightly side to side against each other to continue a cascade you have started.
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  3. Frankly a deck of Bicycles could be cut either way. Turn the cards over and see what works better, that's the best way to find out. The one's I've been getting from here recently are "traditional" cut, that used to not be the case. Not sure if it's a semi-permanent change or what. Yes it does make a difference, but you have to just see which way works best. If you get some Bees you can be sure which way they go. You'd want to start the weave at the bottom of the deck, which is how the Bike's I've been getting recently are.

    Maybe try with half a deck.

    Beyond that I can only offer advice on tabled faros. But if you decide to go there I'm here for you.

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