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  1. that is insane i really like what your doing. where did you learn all that? did you teach yourself or have you had some tutorials in the beginning aswell?

    Im new here but the stuff is definetly part of what i am looking for here!

    Again, your video made my day :)
  2. Great array of second deals. Miler spin shift was exquisite! The hand look good on your bottom but I could still "hear it." I have the same issue and I started snapping my regular deals a bit. Thus, you can't tell the difference in the sound between the bottom and top deals. Well done. I really liked it. Of course I am a sucker for gambling moves...
  3. Really, really nice. Could you point me in the direction of where I could get some of the work on those second deals you were doing? I love the variations.
  4. Thanks guys. All of these seconds are explained in Jason Englands push-off second deal 1on1.
  5. Eostresh,

    Just so you know, in some cases it doesn't matter if you can hear a bottom. Tegib's video is an example. He is sailing his tops and dealing bottoms straight to the table, so the cards dealt straight to the table can and usually do sound differently, whether they are tops or not. In other words, they can sound different because they're being dealt different.

    That being said, if you are sailing bottoms and the sounds are night and day different, that's a problem. Also, and something that never seems to be mentioned, even if they are being bottom dealt to the table, they need to sound the same as tops being dealt to the table. What I mean is, if your cards sound one way when dealing to yourself off the top, then one hand you pick up the deck and the cards dealt to you sound way different (from dealing bottoms), that's not good.

    Just stuff to think about.


    That is great work and a pleasure to watch.
  6. That is a fair point but I am pretty sure he won't want to explain that to an observant spectator. And face it, most guys into watching gambling demos are other card guys or people with an interest in poker and black jack. Therefore, you are generally performing to the most observant crowd. Look it is a small point....really small. I don't bring it up to put him down but only because most people posting stuff who have obviously put that much time into making their moves look good are truly trying to excel. In my opinion he is well on his way to doing that. I could watch it again but I don't recall seeing any finger flutter. That right there is the biggest issue with bottom deals(for most of us mortals at least). So I mentioned it not to offend him but because I assumed he would be interested in constructive criticism as well as the Kudos.

    Also, I agree in principle that the sound of the card going to the table should be the same coming off the top and bottom but without an actual reference(ie. another card dealt to the table that comes off the top) then I personally feel that they should all sound the same. Incidentally, perhaps it's the way I deal, there is no significant difference between the sound of me dealing to the table or to a sail because I clear the deck before I sail or deal to the table. So that could be skewing my opinion as well?

    So i am not fully disagreeing with you, simply pointing out many of the reasons that many of the guys who teach gambling moves generally recommend you consider not just the look of the move but the sound as well.
  7. Speaking of Card Cheating, I've got a confession to make...I was playing Uno the other night with my fiance, and I cheated...I palmed 2 of the "make the other person draw 4 cards, and choose the color" cards...I feel so ashamed...yet very proud at the same time that I was able to palm 2 cards and not get caught haha I did confess at the end that I cheated, but I didn't tell her how :p (Also, don't feel too bad, she cheats all the time at Uno, and gets tons of "do-overs")

    Also, your video was awesome man! Keep up the good work, and never stop practicing..who knows you could be the next Dai Vernon, or Jason England some day.
  8. I hope you won because that would suck if you cheated and still lost. Lol
  9. Don't worry, I won :D
  10. Funny tangent. I was once roped into playing Yatzee(a game of little interest to me) because my friends wouldn't play card games with me(for the same reasons that many of you have trouble playing cards with your friends.) Anyways, in the course of the game I managed to roll three Yatzees in a row! I knew that I would never have that much luck with dice again as long as I lived. So I decided to admit to cheating(even though I didn't). It got me out of a boring game of Yatzee and built a reputation that still sticks with me two years after the event. Sometimes claiming credit for sure dumb luck is the best magic trick you can do.
  11. Dunno if its been said before, but. (And I also commented this on the video itself).
    It looks great, but its too fast. It doesn't look natural.
  12. Not really. It doesn't look rushed, which is what matters. He has about the speed of a casino dealer. To each his own, though. I think that pace looks good in his hands. He never breaks rhythym.
  13. Agreed. I like the pace. Also, I think that looks really good to a laymen. It amazes them that someone can handle cards so quickly and smoothly on its own. Then when he demonstrated that he has been cheating the whole time it is like a double whammy. Remember most gambling demos are geared towards impressing laymen with your skill, not convincing other players that you are legit.
  14. Well done again. I have to say that I love the fact that you are featuring some tabled passes. I have been working those a lot lately myself. Seems that a lot of guys posting gambling moves often forget the passes. If you are taking requests I'd love to see some straight up hops and dive shifts.
  15. Thanks man and thanks for the suggestion.

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