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  1. Hey, I'm not much for cardistry because I am not great at it. But there was a move I saw where someone is holding a single card and they kind of just bend the card and it snaps right back to the deck. It looks almost like magnets are at play here even though I know they aren't. I wasn't sure if this was the same as the TG Murphy deck flip but only using 1 card and caught it with the other hand holding the deck. I couldn't find any videos for a frame of reference but if this sounds familar any help would be appreciated to point me in the right direction to purchase a tutorial. Thanks!
  2. Video?

    I think I know what you're talking about but it could be one of a few options. Videos will help those who are more knowledgeable point to sources for you.
  3. It might be instant replay by Paul Harris
  4. I think this is it! If not they both look very similar! Thank you
    And sorry for not having a video, I couldn't find one with what I was looking for!
  5. By the way it could also be backdrop by Kevin ho in his DVD one-card ep...

    There is also a free tutorial on YouTube :
    This tutorial on YouTube is a slight variation but the overall move and the outcome is the same.
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  6. There are a few different things amd it could be any of them, the way you described it. Here are my guesses:

    Flick by andrei jikh(free on t11)

    Flicker shot by Huron Low(paid and available with the virts deck)

    Backdrop by kevin Ho(paid in one card ep on D&D website and also briefly explained on flourishes for magicians by franco pascali)

    Falcon(I dont exactly remember who created it but it is free on the creator's youtube channel)

    Instant replay by Paul harris(I guess it is possibly what you meant)
  7. Instant Replay by Paul Harris?

    Check out 52 Kards on YT.
  8. Paul Harris' estate gave permission for someone else to teach his trick? That's surprising.
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