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  1. Hey I was wondering what glue and application method you guys use to combine cards after you have split them.

  2. rubber cement is the most common. it will stick the cards and give them some flexibility, but you will loose the snap you get with a new card. Unless you are very precise and allow it to dry completely while applying enough pressure. you can also check out dry mount, which you need an iron for, but might neat to check out
  3. If you separate them with water you can salvage the blue glue that was used in the first place.
  4. I've always used rubber cement like Chris but yes, keep in mind you'll lose that crisp snappy feel.
  5. The snap is still there but the card tends to warp just a little with this method :)
  6. The Gaff Factory will tell you everything you need to know about making gaffs that feel like normal cards.
  7. Get the DVD with Martini about Card Splitting. Tells you everything you need to know.
  8. I use Nutella or any Betty Crocker products.

    - Steve
  9. Avoid using the water method to split cards as it will blemish the corner slightly and may wrinkle as well. I use drymount to assemble the cards as it will make the card as crisp as before. There are many different mixtures of drymount, some thin, some thick so you will need to experiment a little bit. There are instruction out there that say to use an iron when using drymount..... my experience is that the drymount does not adhere evenly and the card looks like crap.

    As for the Nutella method, this one is very messy and hard to master. The only draw back when perfomring with a Nutella gaffed card is the amount of woodland creatures that come up to you wanting to eat your gaff card :)

  10. Of course, and forget doing children's parties and in households with dogs. Or with a diabetic named Alfred...

    - Steve
  11. I have an uncle named Alfred but he hates Nutella.
  12. I have an uncle named Alowishus who once filed a class action law suit against a group of individuals who belonged to the "Alfred's Against Nutella Association." (AANA)

    Hmmm, I wonder...

    - Steve

    Postscript: They should hold a card splitting championship. CSC...the first to cleanly split 12 decks in 2 hours or under wins a paid visit to the Doctors to have their finger tips repaired, and $100 dollar gift card to Hobby Lobby. :p

  13. I hope this is the next SNC!
  14. SNC? What's that? Is it a Nutella brand :) mmmmmmmmmm Nutella
  15. Saturday Night Contest (SNC) - I'd put my money on Jeremy. ;) No reason...not like he does it for a living or anything. :D

    - Steve

    Postscript: Here in Sweden they have Nutella in stores, but there is also an off-brand called "Mr. Choc", and for some reason that makes me LOL.

  16. Mmmmm Nutella :) Yeah, sorry didn't mean to lose you with my hip use of language.
  17. are you saying I'm not hip lol :)

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