Cards that buckle/How to unbuckle cards

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  1. I have cards that buckle all the time. Maybe it is the heat in my room cause I have a space heater. (I live in Michigan and it gets -20 out here) So sue me lol.

    How do I keep cards from buckling? How do you unbuckle cards if they are buckled?

  2. I suggest using a card clip

    For buckled decks, farro or riffle shuffle them half face up into half face down. Put them in the truck case (if you're missing some cards, you may need to fill the truck case up), put that in the card clip so its snug. Leave it for a few days. If you don't have a card clip and don't wanna buy one, put the case on a flat surface, put another flat surface on top (like a hardcover book) and stack some things on top of the flat surface for weight (you can do this with the card clip too).

    After a few days, take them out of the clip and just shuffle them a bit to break them in again (you don't need to break them in like a new pack, just get them loose again).

    You can even use the cardclip to carry the deck around to keep it from getting beat up, or store your decks in them to prevent future buckling.
  3. It's not the heat, its the humidity (or lack thereof). More specifically, the differential in the humidity of the card stock between the edges of the cards and the middle of the cards. That is caused by moisture either entering or leaving the edges of the cards as a result of the environment. That is, if you are in a hot humid environment, the edges absorb the moisture from the are. If you are in an environment that has close to zero humidity (think high altitude or a house where it is very cold outside that has forced hot air heat) the edges lose moisture. Its sort of like the Fortune Telling Fish that curl up from the humidity from your hand.

    As @Maaz Hasan said, farrowing the cards face up and face down and putting them in a a card clip is good BUT make sure it is a Porper Clip - there is a difference. If this happened all of a sudden due to a change in temperature and humidity (this week we went from 5 degrees to 50 back to 25), spread the cards out on a table overnight so that the cards can acclimate to the new conditions. I've done this when I've gone to places like Colorado (no humidity) or the Caribbean (lots of humidity).
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  4. I used to have a card clip back in the day. I need to get another one. I also used to use the trick of putting books/weight on the cards. But yeah, it seems like if I leave a deck of cards out overnight then they buckle. I do live in Michigan and it's literally like -10 degrees outside. I also live in a trailer (mobile home) and so that could definitely be what's happening. I'm gonma try the whole spreading them out thing and see what happens with that.

    Thanks guys!
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