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  1. Not sure about the brown ones, but my red and blue Wynns handle the best out of any cards I own. Sure all the t11 custom decks are nice and smooth, but the Wynns have that strange quality where packets just stick together, and always stay square. While this does sacrifice the ability to fan and spread the deck nicely, every other move you can do is just that much better. But paying $15 dollars a deck is just not viable, are there any mass produced cards that have that specific handling like the Wynns?
  2. Anglo decks handle very similar to Wynns in my opinion. Especially the rugbacks.
  3. You could try Aladdins. Although they are kinda hard to find too
  4. Aladdins 100%

    For flourishes that include flying packets :D
  5. I hear Ace Fulton's Casino cards from Dan and Dave try to mimic that feel of the wynns and jerry's nuggets
  6. i dont understand why there isnt more cards like jerry nuggets or wynns yet they sell for so high.

    someone should make a kickstarter to make cards that are better apt for cardistry that have a stiffer stock that sticks together with a thin border and look like jerrys nuggets/wynns that is widely available, and reasonably priced near the united states. seriously.
  7. Why don't you do it?
  8. It's because it would be impossible. The USPCC doesn't use the same finishes and stocks it had back when Jerry's were made.
  9. This depends on the climate. For those in humid areas, red and blue Wynn's are unlikely to last as long as the finish is not the traditional linen, air cushion variety. This is what motivated theory11 to pursue only the Brown Wynn's, which have a more durable finish and fanning ability. Of course, handling preferences are subjective, and to each his own.

    If you like that thickness, though, the closest we have to it would be Bee Stingers, which use a blend of Bee and Aristocrat stock that feels great. Regarding thin borders - Rebels. They're the thinnest borders I've seen on playing cards in recent memory.
  10. *Cough* Tendril and Anglos *Cough*
  11. Well I guess that why nobody has done it.

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