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  1. Are the Brown Wynn's sold out forever on Theory11 or will it eventually be in stock again? Also, what's the best deck of cards on Theory11?
  2. 1.T11 has a limited supply and they don't make what they do have widely available. If they were to be available for sale it would be a very small number for a very small window of time. Otherwise they are made available in contests and promotions. For example on black friday all orders over $25 dollars came with a deck of brown wynns.

    2. The "best" is whatever works for you the best. Try different kinds out until you develop a preference.
  3. And I'm pretty sure that some are sold on Ebay.
  4. Theory11 actually never "made" the cards. They were produced for a casino (i cant recall the name) some time ago.
    But no i dont think the cards will be coming back into stock. Although every once in awhile theyll run a promo and have you win a deck OR even give them away when you order a certain amount of stuff.
    And as far as the best deck goes- youll get a 100 diffrent answers from a 100 diffrent people. Its all a matter of opinion. I perfer the "propaganda" deck, but those are out of stock.
    If i had to choose a deck thats still on the site id have to chose "tally ho." Always a great deck. :)
  5. Um... The Wynn Casino? ;)

  6. lol and oubviously its the wynn casino as lyle stated. and it is totatally your preference for the best. because the best to u may suck to another person. i personally am sticking with the tally hos :D
  7. Since the first question has been answered.. I'll try and provide some information to help you with the second.

    If you want thick cards that will last you a noticeably longer time, go with any Ellusionist deck. (other than the vintage 1800s) The Ellusionist cards are harder to break in because of their thickness, but once they are, they are awesome. E decks don't hold bends very well which is something I like a lot!

    Theory 11's cards are thinner, which means they won't last as long, but they still do have a nice life time and still perform very well. They also don't keep bends, but IMHO I think Ellusionist cards are better at that.

    Your tally-ho's and bikes are a great, cheap standard and have a short lifetime. They hold bends and are quite thin.

    I could keep on going but I'm sure this will give you a good idea of the kinds of mainstream decks out there. Also, you can check out the search function in the forums and look for other more in-depth deck reviews. I recommend looking up Split Spades, Lee Asher 605's and the others I listed above.

  8. Also, are the Stingers and the Smoke+Mirrorr sold out on here for awhile,or perminatley?
  9. All the versions of smoke and mirrors will always be sold out. The stingers are said to be coming back but be more ''colorful.''
  10. I prefer Bee traditional cut, they seem to hold up very well. I've been using the same deck for a month and its still in great shape.
  11. My deck of choice is tally ho. I think they're the best looking deck in the world
  12. Well thats not true. Sentinels are a lot thinner than E decks yet they last twice as long. Incidentally, sentinels are one of my fave decks, but split spades are still the best in my opinion.
  13. Can you still buy Split Spades?
  14. i think they still have some at dan and dave's site and davidblaines site should still have some too. I think version 2 is coming out soon? not sure
  15. Go to they should have a bunch stocked up. Dan and dave's site should also have them in stock.
  16. What about propaganda?

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