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  1. hey i just saw this icon in the right side of theory 11 pg and i was wondering those cards look really cool.... do they exist already?? or could they be future theory 11 cards???

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  2. those look cool they remind me of the vintage 1800s though
  3. I actually think they are.
  4. maybe, but these seem to have a border around the index numbers and pips, which I don't think was printed on the 1800's, maybe someone with the actual deck can clarify.
  5. Yeah I can see where they would look like 1800s but remember those an E product and I'm pretty sure Theory11 wouldn't sell them. Ha ha, but I do also realize that none of you were asking that bad:)lol

    I do like them though. Yeah it would be nice to find those somewhere and buy a few...
  6. NOT 1800s.I have them. '_'
  7. That'll probably be their next addition to their playing card section...maybe
  8. i think they aren't any pack just a pic they made for tht bit
  9. they look like crads wich we have here in germany
  10. i think they should have a deck they use in demos with there logo on the back or something i just cant think of any ideas for new decks most have been invented
  11. That could be a possibility
  12. I love the way the Clubs look. Very different from other cards.
  13. Maybe they're the guardians?
    Nahh, I doubt it...
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    yea the pips are very nice and the cards looks like its from medieval times which i like because its old but not too old know what i mean lol unlike old vintage look like its been through the elements like the vintage 1800 series deck E put out
  15. In my opinion they look like they are from Soviet Union.
  16. They look alot like Piatnik cards available in Europe and probably aged via phtoshop. ^Just a guess.
  17. Actually medieval times were around the 1300 mark, as opposed to 1800s, which were obviously in the 1800s.

    The guy who said "they've all been invented", that's stupid, you may think so but before the black tiger deck was out, maybe then they'd "all be invented", theres always more ideas to come.

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