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  1. Hey guys,
    I had a question about D&D's new On Demand Carousel by Irving Quant. Is it gimmicked? Because when he spreads the cards and all the face-down cards appear on top, I feel this can't be just sleight of hand. Anyone has this already?
  2. There are no gimmicks whatsoever. Trust me.
  3. Do you have it?? Is it worth the money? And on a 1 to 10 scale, how difficult would you say it is?
  4. Its very easy, given you know some basic sleight of hand :)

    I thought it was worth it. The method is very simple, and also pretty fun to perform. I really enjoy the effect.


  5. I heard from somewhere that it's it?
    If it is, what are the dimensions of the angles? (1 o'clock - 3 o'clock, etc)


  6. its not angle sensitive....
  7. It does however, involve a palming-esque move, which some might say is 'angle sensitive'.

    Then again, those people probably don't practice enough.

  8. Ok Carousel, its aneasy effect, everyone can do, its so easy, it uses basic principles in magic.
    It is worth the money, i didnt bought it, as i knew how to do it when i saw it. It uses basic sleights. YEa it involves a palming-esque but its not 100% necesary.

    YOu can do this from all angles.


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