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  1. Nobody likes to bend their cards. When practicing this control wil you overly bend the cards. I hate bent cards. Just 1 screws up the whole deck
  2. Not sure if this is a question or a statement. I'll take it as a question

    You might bend the cards a bit practicing this, but all it takes to undo the bend you make is a quick riffle in the opposite direction in the end. It won't bend your cards like a lepaul spread will.

    hope that helps,


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  3. You've got a lot of questions sir, don't you?
    It's a neat little control, and you'll only bend the cards if your cards are sub-par and you overdo it. Do a normal cascade, and see if your cards bend. They'll do the same thing doing the control.
  4. This is what i tell a lot of my friends:

    If you're afraid to bend cards, quit magic.

    Seriously, if every time a moves requires a bent card, and your afraid of it, then you'll have a hard time. There are so many useful things involving card bending: Cascade control, Card springs, Riffle Shuffle, Crimps, etc. You have to get over the fear of getting your cards bent.

    The best thing to help you with that is fanning powder. They keep your deck nice and new. I've been using the same deck of red bikes for over a month, half the cards are bent and dirty and every thing but it still feels brand new.

    But if you're a fanning powder hater, then you simply have to bend the cards the other way. After you do a waterfall, do a dribble, or do a waterfall face up.

    Just my 2 cents
  5. This is a little bit misleading.

    Fanning powder does not help straighten cards out. It does not keep your deck feeling like new either. cards all wear out eventually, and fanning powder does not prolong this.

    It is used to get cards to spread better If you put fanning powder on when a deck is new, and you practice a lot of magic with it, until the edges get dirty, then your deck will get very sticky and will make some sleights very difficult. i.e. DB Spin change, side steal, clipshift, etc. Fanning powder should be used for fanning, armspreads and all other types of flourishing. It isn't the best thing to do if you're doing magic.

    However, adding fanning powder to a worn out deck can restore some life to the deck. It will allow clumping cards to spread easier and allow you to get some more use out of the deck, mainly practice use.


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