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  1. Okay so i was looking for a cool prediction/mentalism effect using cards, i have outlaw by d+M and i was interested in buying Cataclysm by Brain Caswell. But the thing is i want to know which one, you guyz think is better because i don't like to carry a lot of gimmick decks. If you guyz have any other recommendation, it would be great ...

    [Plz don't tell me the old, "its not the effect but the presentation" quote]

    Th4nk Y0u
  2. i have brian caswell's trilogy and cataclysm and use them both as a single extended effect and they are great! You cant go wrong with cataclysm its an AWESOME effect and super easy, allowing you to really work on your presentation skills. I am not familiar with the D+M effect, but you wont be dissapointed with the other I can promise you that. However, while the cataclysm deck isnt "gimmicked", you WILL have numbers written on the back of every card in big bold sharpie, so you wont be able to use the deck for anything but this effect.

    hope this helps
  3. I recommend you "Trilogy" by B. Caswell it's more powerful than Cataclysm or outlaw!

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