CCC 2008 Videos Posted!

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Guys, what do you want me to do for you? I can get you some water. You guys own me now. Don't EVEN watch my submission.
  2. Where is The Mob's submission?
  3. Richard, can you take off my submissoin? I'm owned.
  4. where is brendan conners vid?
  5. where is yours ??? lol

  6. I must say I'm impressed. Almost all of them blew me away. I definitely have my 3 favourites in mind already.

    Excellent job everyone, all should be proud,
  7. Strange that some of the participants that joined didn't turn in there videos.:confused: Well My three favorites are Jaspas, Mattgic, and Adam's with Steve.
  8. Hey ace18, we're working on that right now should be up shortly. And it's up.
  9. Oh man I saw most of the submissions already and I gotta say Steve-Adam's vid was damn enjoyable to watch. Also, The only all girl group I've ever seen in my flourishing life, Venus, did a particularly godo job, with some really enjoyable flourishing in there.

    I'm kinda worried about my video being on the second page tho:(

    "What if the guys can't be bothered to look through all the submissions!!!"
    "What if they didn't see it!"

    Yeah. I'm that worried! Not hard to understand of course, with so many INSANE SICK opponents :)
  10. Just changed it so everybody gets it in a different order :) For me, your video shows up first now, heheh.
  11. DAMn damn, i hope everyone will post them up on youtbe aswell after this. I can't watch any of them. EVEN MY OWN. lol

    Ah well, i have to read the comments and imagine.

    Aw that sucks. T11 needs downloadable videos! then guys like me can actually watch the damn stuff!
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    Didn't the virts post a video????
    For now my favourite are f501, jaspas vs bowen, and 48 Dumplings.
    They are awesome!!!
  13. Virts didn't enter this contest.
  14. I am so.....****ing....stupid.

    I thought the deadline was MAY 25th. I missed it completely. Thats unbelievably lame.
  15. This is gonna be a hard one to decide me thinks.
  16. Mine is still not up... :(

  17. HI! Why Virts didn't take part in CCC2008?

    For me favorites vids are F501, Jaspas vid and Adam with Steve. I'venot watched another vids yet. :)
    But I want to say that it was so DDAAMMNN cool to watch your videos, guys. I love ccc2008. THNX a lot for your job, guys!

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