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  1. It says you're allowed to use your own non-copyrighted music.

    Is music downloaded off allowed? I've looked around and I think it is, but I don't want to get sued by theory11.
  2. T11 wont sue you lol :D.
  3. universal music then...
  4. I'm pretty sure that music isn't royalty-free. Royalty-free would be with GarageBand, using royalty-free loops, making up your own songs/with own instruments, finding/buying a full royalty-free music track. And the general guideline is if it's on iTunes by a big artist, it's probably not royalty-free :)
  5. Would something under creative commons be considered royalty-free?
  6. i know that over on the Magic Video Depot they do require royalty free music on the videos that are being uploaded there (if you are adding music to the background of your video that is) .. and if you go to the upload tab on there they list 4 or 5 websites that they recommend that you use to look for music.. i looked around and it seems that most of them do fall under the creative commons ... since i decided not to participate i didnt bother asking Richard (or other T11 staff if music from those sites was acceptable, but if it is then it would be great to hear some variety of music .. rather then have 20 videos all witht he same track on them :S

    here is the list:

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