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  1. Would cd manipulation fall in the category of coin magic or cardistry/flourishing?
    Because it uses most of the same vanishes and holds as coins.


  2. I think that CD Manipulation is a category all of its own that is really more suited to stage-oriented magic... not to say that doing CD manip close-up is a bad idea.

    If one were, however, to categorize this type of manipulation based on the stipulations that you've put into place, then I would have to say that CD manipulation bears the most amount of similarities to jumbo coin manipulation or coin manipulation in general (CDs come in a range of sizes, you know). In other words, if you were looking for techniques that can be adapted to CDs, then I would suggest that you seek out material on Jumbo coin manipulation.

    As far as an overall category, I would give them their own simply because of all of the subtleties that are possible with CDs that are not with jumbo coins.

    That is, of course, only my opinoin.


  3. i think cd manipulation is a category for itself, athough the techniques are mostly close to the coin handling ones. furthermore i have to say i really like cd manipulation, but i only use mini cds, i feel like they are a nice touch for my close-up performance although i don't use them regularly, they are way easier to steal/didge in a close-up setting than regular cd's.
  4. cd manip is a very eye catching thing I love coin magic but cd manip is off the chang thizz in peace to mac dre and the macramento fazzers yarrrrrrrrrra mean for serious peoples of the world, shall I say lay people of the world love this stuff and I think more magicians especially the stricked only card magicians give decks a break and try out other forms of magic and close up guys don't hate on stage guys and vice versa we need to see more respect in the magic community.I love every form of magic.I'm just saying every one with a deck in their hand right now pick up a rope a coin a pair of handcuffs anything you can get your hands on and start coming up with and experimenting with new ideas so our art can grow.lets do something about the industry and shed some new light on this fast growing art that has been come to be known as magic.let your minds expand.hopefully rushing in a new era of astonishment.speaking of astonishment I can't wait till paul finishes his project that him and rodney have been working on. I can't wait but im going to have too.bummer:(
  5. stage manipulation. they need more sections here, the cafe has a section

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