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  1. I've been bouncing the idea around about re-releasing an effect I created from some traditional basic principals about 20 years ago.

    As the name suggests, it is a color changing deck effect. In the effect, all of the backs and faces of the deck can be shown before the trick AND then all of the backs and faces can be shown after the trick (all backs to have changed color). It is not done with a sleight to make the spectator think they are seeing the backs to be one color. You actually show all of the backs before and after.

    The deck is shown both front and back with a spread. Then spread face up. They point to a card from a face up deck. They are offered the opportunity to change their mind if they want. The card is then removed from the deck and placed face up on the table. The magician tells the spectator that he/she knew they'd pick that card. The deck is then spread face down again and their card is turned over to reveal that their selected card is a different color. Without placing their card back in the deck, the magician says that the problem is that every time he/she does the trick, it would eliminate one card and that eventually they'd have no cards left. So, he/she tells the spectator that he decided to solve this problem by simply turning the entire deck the same color as their selected card. ALL of the cards (literally) are then shown instantly to have changed to color of the selected card.

    When I created it back then, the Cuckoo's Nest magic shop in Pittsburgh wanted to sell the deck after I showed them the effect. The problem was that I created these by hand and the more they sold, the more work became involved in creating more and more. So I essentially discontinued it after a few years.

    Magic has evolved quite a bit since then, but I still have not found a deck on the market like the one I created back then. I just don't know about re-releasing it because making these decks were very time consuming and with my schedule, I'm a little worried I may find myself doing that all over again.
  2. Sounds kind of like "Chaos". But I like that it's color changing rather than in new order.
  3. I actually just took a look at Chaos. A really nice twist on a classic. Since I'm not sure of the mechanics of this newer variation of Order from Chaos, it's difficult to say if it's a similar concept.
  4. It sounds really cool, but there are a couple flaws I see.

    I'll PM you, to avoid exposure and stuff.
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