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  1. Hi Guys,

    Its been awhile since Ive been on but, I've been busy with some school and show. I recently saw someone do a chop cup performance, and wanted to add it into my routine. But the only problem is Im not sure on which chop cup to choose out of the many types. Which is the best one under $100?

    Thanks for your help. And if i dont make sense just ask me to clarify.

  2. Bizarre Magika has a Chop Cup/Cups and balls combo set for like 50 bucks I think.
  3. What sets this chop cup apart from all the others? I'm also looking for just the chop cup since I have a nice brass cups and balls set already.
  4. It's a combo set that can also be used as a cups and balls set.
  5. The biggest thing with a chop cup set, is that you want the gimmick and the ball to be strong enough to hold, but not so strong that it can't be easily dislodged, you don't want to seem to be banging your props. I'm rather fond of the work done by the folks at RNT2, they have a number of different chop cups, some cheaper than others. one of the greatest things is that the ball is adjustable, so you can get the right amount of "cling". Here"s a link:

    The owner is a great guy, and he won't steer you wrong if you have more questions about the differences between specific cups, you can shoot him an e-mail through the website.

    Matt M.
  6. Alright, thanks for the great info. I'll be sure to tell you guys which one I decide on.


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