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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 010rusty, Jul 8, 2018.

    These do not have to be your favorites, or least favorites just the very first five to pop in your head. I'm curious to see What everyone's initially reaction is. REMEMBER DO NOT THINK JUST TYPE THE FIRST TO POP INTO YOUR HEAD

  2. I'll do it. Without thinking I'll quickly type the first 5!

    Rick Lax
    Paul green

    Well that was interesting.
    I must of thought of jibrizy because of these forums, and he gets brought up a lot. Rick lax came from thinking about Jibrizy. Houdini and Blackstone where random. and I actually have ZERO clue where Paul Green came from... Never really watched his stuff.

    None of my favorites came up. Not paul danniels, Bizzaro, Andrew Mayne, Tarbell, Ammar or even Penn and teller.

    So I guess that says a lot about me...
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  3. Michael Ammar
    David Copperfield
    David Blaine
    Dai Vernon
    Bill Malone

    There are a lot of David's in magic.
  4. Jason England
    Steve Forte
    Dai Vernon
    Ed Marlo
    John Scarne
  5. Houdini
    Penn & Teller (They count as one)
    David Blaine
    Max Maven
    David Copperfield

    Max Maven was a weird one for me. I'm aware of his work but I'm not a huge fan of his or anything. Strange...
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  6. same with me and Paul green, and blackstone.

    This is interesting...
  7. David Blaine
    Penn & Teller (count as one)
    Criss Angel
    Danny Garcia
    David Rangel

    (not gonna lie, I said Blaine, which lead me to think of P&T, which lead me to Criss Angel. Garcia came out of no where, and David Rangel's face came up when I thought of Garcia cuz I once saw them in videos back to back)
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  8. Banachek
    David Copperfield
    David Blaine
    Rune Klan
    Richard Osterlind
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  9. I find it interesting that most of these post include 2 Davids. It’s like everyone knows one David who is a magician, and then automatically thinks of another David.
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  10. David Roth,
    JB Bobo,
    Jay Sankey,
    Brian Brushwood,
    Pen and Teller (technically two magicians but they go together like PB&J)
  11. Penn
    Derren Brown
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  12. Tom Mullica
    Penn & Teller
    Dai Vernon
    Theodore Annemann
    Juan Tamariz
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  13. Shin lim
    Shawn faquhar
    Jay sankey
    Loyld barnes
    Daniel madison
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  14. Joshua Jay
    Leonard Green
    Danni Da Ortiz
    Jeff McBride
    Eugene Burger
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  15. David Copperfield
    Chris Kenner
    Doug McKenzie
    Ricky Smith Jr.
    R. Paul Wilson

    Ricky Smith Jr. is my random one. He's talented but I really haven't been thinking about his work. If it was who I am studying right now it would be Chris Philpott, Joe Rindefleish, and Persi Diaconos
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  16. David Copperfield
    Andy Nyman
    Al Baker
    Juan Tamaraz
    Jim Steinmeyer
  17. I like that you have Steinmeyer included in this. Got some optical trickery on the mind or bewildering puzzlers?
  18. I actually perform a lot of his effects from Conjuring Anthology, his Conjuring column in Genii and from Modern Art and Other Mysteries. I like the Impuzzabilities books -- my favorite effect from those is the Magician Who Fools Himself.
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  19. Daniel madison
    Penn and teller
    Eric jones
    Max maven

    Well, that was weird. I am honestly surprised
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  20. Harry Lorayne
    Bill Malone
    Micheal Vincent
    Gregory Wilson
    Jon Armstrong
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