Clipshift week one

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by HeCtic, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. I uploaded a video a few days ago about my clipshift after 4 days but the quality was bad so I decided to record a new one. So here it is!

    Day 7:

    Watch in HD!
  2. It's looking pretty good, you seem to have picked it up much faster than I was able to.
  3. I think the 5 years of guitar and long fingers probably help. Thanks for the feedback! :D
  4. First, I must say it is smooth. However, what is the point of keep snapping the fingers? A snap means 'magic moment', for a color change, an async fingers snap is totally unnessesary.
  5. If you read the annotations, it was to show that I hadn't edited the audio. Indicating that it didn't make much noise (hopefully). So for the confusion.
  6. I am impressed for 1 week. My only advice is to start waving the deck before you begin the move. Finger movement is too obvious.
  7. Alright. Noted. Thanks for the advice!

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