close up triumph

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  1. hey,

    trying out new triumph ideas for the cleanest version this what i got so far, looking for your comments and ideas.. thanks

    Close up triumph
  2. The link isn't working for me.
  3. can you repost the link. It`s not working for me either.
  4. Same here. It's just taking me to my Youtube page.
  5. Very good! Is that original? If not, where did you find it?
  6. I adapted a new concept that one of my magician friends came up with,but this is my routine
  7. It looks great, I was looking for clues on when you squared the deck, but couldn't see. I did see one thing though which could reveal your method. pm me if you want to know, as we don't reveal methods on these posts. I'm not asking for you to tell me, I just have some ideas from a big tell on your video. Otherwise, 1st time fooled me. Thanks.
  8. You basically show three separate times that the cards are all facing the same way prior to the shuffle. And, to be honest, you do it in a very sloppy way. Since you are using a table in the first place, just spread the cards once before you start and that is all the clarity your spectators need. Or, at least get your one handed fan smoother.

    When handling cards... less is more.
  9. thanks for your comments, i must say that when i thought on these trick 60% was about fooling magicians i dont see any need to go these effort for layman... but it does give some extra conviencer and i just wanted to show them , you can say its like cheek to cheek but without the display problem at the beginig.. and its not the other option.. if you know.
    i agree with the saying that less is more, and i think all magic should be simpler to understand

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