Coin bends?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by fridoliina, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been looking for a coin bend becaus i need one for the routine in working on. Wich coin bends would you guys recommend and consider to be the best one?
  2. The ONLY coin bend I can think of is the Superman Coin Bend.......however, that ain't really good for a routine.....just a stand-alone effect....

  3. That's a very broad question. Even coin bends as simple as The Closer by Morgan can be great if presented well (it's actually my coin-bend of choice).... If you're looking for a fancier bend, then again, Spun by Morgan is PHENOMINAL.

    Rumor has it Daniel Garcia is going to be releasing one soon...but I'm not sure what defines "soon."
  4. SPUN is brilliant.

    I use the Superman
  5. I have seen Daniel's... its amazing. He takes a coin and places it in his hand... BAM its bent... looks wonderful.

  6. Do you know if the coin can be signed? And does anyone have any idea of when its going to be released?

    I saw that Banachek had a coin bend on his Psi vol 4, does anyone know anything about that coin bend?
  7. I don't think the coin was signed, but it didn't need to be... it was that fast. He took the coin and said "Oh look a coin" places it in his other hand (Not a switch like manner) and its bent...

    I know its being released via download (last I heard anyway) possibly through Penguin... not sure...

  8. Do you have any idea of about when its going to be released?
  9. There's also the Boa Bender but its way to expensive, but it is nice. Why can't Theory 11 get Danny to join so we could purchase his wicked awesome coin bend here! :D
  10. A bending transposition

    Hi everyone,

    Got a little idea in my head while messin around with a coin bend.

    Effect: You display a picture which has a picture of a bent quarter/10 pence on it.

    This picture can be signed and is held face down between a spectators palms.

    You borrow a quarter/10pence from another spectator and this is held between their palms.

    Build it up and then ask the spectator holding the signed picture to turn it over.
    The bent coin in the picture is now straight.

    Ask the other spectator to open their hand where they will see that their coin is now bent.

    Method: Out to lunch with a small stack of cards with picture of a bent coin on the face and a straight coin hidden underneath etc .

    A simple coin switch does the rest.


    John Carey
  11. Upon reading this thread I have created my own coin bend. There is no cover, you actually see it bend... I based it off of a bend I saw Jay Sankey do on a preview for Revolutionary Coin Magic but for the life of me cannot find a review that mentions said effect on that dvd...
  12. Does anyone know what kind of bend that is on Banacheks psi vol 4? If so can someone please tell me something about it?

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