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  1. Hello. I want to buy the Coin one trick from the Tricks section, and I was wondering if I get 4 coins and the gimmick along with it. I live in Romania and it's very hard to find 4 half dollars around here... So, if anyone from the forums or the staff can answer this one with precision I would really appreciate it.

  2. IT doesnt have to be Half Dollars you can use your coins and you dont get a gimmick with it. For example over here in Aussie they have to specially made. Its Silly.
  3. Oh, I've read the description of the effect again and I saw that I only get the gimmick not the other half dollars. Well, I'll have to wait till I find 3 more coins. I already have one :D
  4. You do not get a gimmick with the DVD. THis is from the description:

    "Each package is beautifully wrapped and protected by a hand-grommeted corrugated cardboard sleeve. NOTE: CoinOne requires a coin gimmick that most magicians already own. Jamie Schoolcraft is a leading manufacturer of some of the best coins in the industry. Please contact Jamie for the coins best suited to your hands."
  5. Indeed. My bad, sorry guys. Then why isn't the product in Download format also?
  6. Because it wasn't produced by theory11. It is Homer's independent product, and it was nice enough of him to allow theory11 to sell it on their site.

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