Coin Routines

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Ungimmicked Coin Routine

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  1. Winged Silver

  2. Coin Matrix

  3. Which Hand Has the Coin

  4. Coins Through Table

  5. Silver\Copper Routine

  6. Other

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  1. I've been really into coin magic and just wanted to hear other people's favorite coin routines.
  2. I like a good Coins across routine, which is my "other" selection.

    I also love Copper and Silver/Scotch and Soda routines.
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  3. Copper\Silver routines are really nice, but I've never performed a Scotch and Soda routine. I wouldn't find very much use to do a Scotch and Soda routine.
  4. hola espero sea de vuestro agrado,
  5. My favorite coin effect to this day will be matrix ;) Feel free to check it out if you like! It is Shoot Ogawa's version.

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  6. Coin Through Table -- the version in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
  7. Anti Matrix
  8. Nice Job! Is that your handling on the plot or is it somebody else's handling.

  9. Thanks for the credits and that was very entertaining.
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  10. Hi, I hope you like my new effect
  11. The kicker fooled me so bad the first time watching, but the second time I followed along. Were you trying to bluff some moves along the way.
  12. I really like good spellbound routines, but my all time favourite is probably when Slydini makes three coins travel from one hand to the other.


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