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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin.Morris, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Hey all, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. I was wondering what happens with unclaimed contest wheel prizes after the contest end date. Do they remain unclaimed? (Sorry if this was answered somewhere already, I didn't find anything)
  2. besides the unclaimed prizes i would really want to know whats been claimed so far
  3. Considering they are all just normal inventory for the company, I'd guess that they all just stay in their respective boxes in the warehouse. They aren't going to see a crate full of medallions and say,"Well, nobody won these, we should just mail them to a random address"
  4. Actually with T11 I wouldn't be surprised, which is why I was wondering.

    As far as the claimed prizes, the big ones are no longer on the wheel, but it would be cool to hear how many of the smaller prizes went out.
  5. Usually with something like this, unclaimed prizes are either just kept or they are put into a second round drawing.
  6. On my contest wheel it says the big prizes have not been claimed so I bought more to try to win them! But like always, I just got no reward all my spins. NOT gonna lie this makes me pretty unsatisfied with T11 and this holiday contest.
  7. They are giving away all this stuff! People are winning things left and right. They have to stack the odds against the bigger prizes and in favor of the lower prizes otherwise people would win all the big stuff and that would be the end. Be thankful they are giving it all away

  8. all i ever won was about 500 elite points and the rest i got, No prize!! im glad the contest is just about to end it was getting on my nerve!!, this is not being greedy, i would of loved to win a deck or two, but getting No Prizes for the majority of my spins really annoyed me.
  9. You're kidding me right? I'm sure everyone would've loved to win a deck (or two!)...but that would've meant they would've given out thousands if everyone was to win a deck. I'm totally stoked that I won points that could go towards getting a few of the rare decks they have.
  10. I wan 2 decks ( Gold monarchs and Red Jaqk ), and 4000 elites points . Yeah , I know i'm lucky , but i'm so grateful to T11 . But yeah the 1st day I wan 5000 elites points , but I didn't make an account before so I lost them .
  11. my best was 250 points

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