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  1. is having a contest that i thought some of you might like to enter. I have a good idea in my head that i am going to do for my vid. so i almost didnt post this because some of you have some serious talent, but hey, ithought, theyre fellow magicians so why not.

    anyway, here is the direct link to all the info for the contest:
  2. Excellent!

    My website is running a contest with a similar prize at the moment, great to see some generous people around :)
  3. what is your website?
  4. Already finding places to film.
  5. all mine is going to be is the molecule cut taught on the 1-on-1 with an ending variation of mine. then flip the top card and it will say then i will do a color change and it will say go check it out! then i will spring the cards. i am doing it in a place that i havent seen any vids done in before
  6. Great idea for a video.
    Do you like this site, and should I join it?

  7. yeah. you shoud
  8. Cool, thanks.
  9. You should do it in a bathroom.

  10. Im still waiting on approval to post up my website, wanted to do it the correct way with T11 :)

    So will be a thread hopefully over the next day :) (Been waiting since Saturday lol)
  11. well im hoping so bad that no one takes my idea but im going to do it on the roof of my 2 story house.the camera will zoom in from below to the cards and show me up there. then it will be up there getting a close up of every thing i said before,then itll be zoomed in to the cards from below again and i will do a fan then it will zoom out and i will spring them off of the roof

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