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  1. I'm quickly falling in love with playing card art, and I can see why so many people find them fascinating and striking enough to collect. I thought it would be great to have a general thread on card art.

    My personal collection is tiny, but I have to give some props to theory11 for designing the animal kingdom deck which has some art that can only be described as freaking awesome:
    Playing Cards - Animal Kingdom.jpg

    I also happened across a deck which started it's life on kickstarter and has some gorgeous-looking art (now sold by Uusi).

    Playing Cards - Uusi Blue Bloods.jpg

    I'm saving up to get a fancy deck by Dan and Dave as well.

    Please use this thread to share your favorite playing card art!
  2. Sentinels for overall art and theme, Monarchs for back design.
  3. I love the Monarchs back Design - my favourite faces come from the Madison Rounders
  4. I love the Rounders for the whole design and the finish it feels different (might be the stock not sure)
    Also love the monarchs, don't like the design of the ace of spades tho :/
    And never count out the NOC decks love the simplicity of that deck =)

    As they quoted on the inside of the NOC deck "Less is more - Mies Van Der Rohe"

    Thanks - Markus/JokerZingo
  5. The Monarchs Ace of Spades is my favourite of all time ;)
  6. Ye it's clean but it's just not my cup of tea i love the rounders ace of spades and NOC ace of spade much much more =)
  7. Seasons playing cards take the cake for me. If I was performing for royalty, that is the deck I would use.

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