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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeroshift, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. ok i know this is a new site and there's only 6 effects listed in the "Tricks" its too early to talk about copyright infringements..but i feel that i need to make this thread WHILE THE SITE/COMMUNITY IN NEW

    we all knew how kids from youtube destroys magics...i cannot believe how easy it is to find a tutorial on how to do "insert magic name here" effect..but keep in mind that there are lots more video streaming website other than youtube

    if say some kid posts something which he bought through T11 and he gets reported over here...will T11 actually take action? or maybe some new system/methods can be implemented to warn them not to expose the tricks? (which i hardly doubt is possible)

    i dont wish to see any exposure from this site...although i know that there's no way to stop these things
  2. Spend less time worrying about exposure, spend more time practicing and enjoying the community. This is like the billionth thread on exposure inthe 7 hours this site has been open. We didn't even need one! By making ahoora about exposure you are not helping anything, but actually spreading word that you can find magic on sites like YouTube (Guess how I found out people posted tutorials on YouTube? People ranting about exposure!) If you want to be all elitist and cry about exposure, stop spreading it.

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